Lifestyle Changes

There are many changes people can make in their everyday lives that can improve their sleep apnea. If you smoke, are currently overweight, or use alcohol on a regular basis you are already putting your health at risk. Eliminating these risk factors can make a dramatic difference in the way you feel and how you sleep.

OSA and Obesity have been linked to each other. You have been asked to go exercise to lose weight but you don’t have the energy to do so. One reason maybe because you are not getting a full nights’ rest because you have sleep apnea. Since you have been waking up all night to breathe you have not slept. You wake up fatigued and have no drive to go to a gym because you have been working all night long to stay alive. By treating your sleep apnea and getting a restful sleep you should have the energy to exercise and lose the weight. The weight loss will help reduce the effects of your sleep apnea and the circle goes round and round.

Exercise on Treadmill